Mini Crane Hire In Liverpool

Mini crane hire specialists GGR Group provide a wide range of compact cranes, vacuum lifters and lifting solutions for hire across Merseyside, Cheshire and the rest of the North West.

GGR’s Northern depot has a large fleet of mini cranes, glass suckers and compact lifting equipment for restricted access areas is regularly used for customer’s work in Liverpool, St Helens, Southport, Widnes, Runcorn, Warrington, Wirral and Chester.

Top of the range lifting solutions such as UNIC mini spider cranes, telescopic mini crawler crane, battery powered pick and carry cranes, glazing robots and vacuum lifters for handling glass, cladding and stone are all available to hire from GGR.

GGR is a one-stop shop for all your lifting needs as we can also provide our customers with experienced and qualified mini crane operators for hire or a full contract lift package where we take care of your lift from start to finish.

For further advice about how we can help you with your lifting projects contact our Oldham depot today on:

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  • URW-094 Mini Crane
  • URW-095 Mini Crane
  • URW-245 Mini Crane
  • URW-295 Mini Crane
  • URW-376 Mini Crane
  • URW-506 Mini Crane
  • URW-547 Mini Crane
  • URW-706 Mini Crane


  • World Museum Case Study
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    World Museum – Case Study

    GGR’s UNIC URW-095 mini crane was hired to replace the Victorian lamp-posts which stand outside Liverpool’s grade II listed World Museum.

    Working in a restricted space outside the museum, the 0.995 tonne spider crane could move around obstacles such as the museum steps to remove eight 150kg lamp-posts to be refurbished. Once the lamp-posts had been rewired and repainted, the UNIC mini crane came back to the World Museum to return them to their original positions.

  • Widnes Future Flower Case Study
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    Widnes Future Flower – Case Study

    A UNIC mini crane hired from GGR Group helped erect a 14-metre high wind-powered illuminated ‘flower’ on the banks of the River Mersey in Widnes.

    GGR were consulted for advice on the job and after a site survey we provided the 6 tonne capacity UNIC URW-706 spider crane model for the job along with a qualified CPCS crane operator. Although work on site was programmed to last for a total of five weeks, the art installation was erected in only three days.

    Designed by architects Tonkin Liu through an international competition funded by the North West Development Agency, the Widnes Future Flower was part of the ongoing Widnes Waterfront Regeneration Programme. Widnes Waterfront involved the regeneration of over 200 acres of former industrial land on the banks of the River Mersey into a modern business park environment and associated leisure facilities.

  • Edge Hill University Case Study
    Edge Hill
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    Edge Hill University – Case Study

    Two different UNIC mini crane models were hired from GGR Group to help create a modern glazed lift shaft at this Edge Hill university building in Liverpool.

    A UNIC URW-376 spider crane worked from the ground floor, handling glass units with MRT4 and P11104 Four-in-Line vacuum lifters for installation on two of the lift shaft’s sides. A smaller UNIC URW-095 mini crane was also transported up in a goods lift to work on two upper floors so it could reach the areas that the URW-376 crane couldn’t reach from the floor.

    This pair of UNIC mini spider cranes were able to work in confined, restricted access spaces on this site so all 32 panels could be installed around the lift shaft’s four faces.

  • Chester Racecourse Case Study
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    Chester Racecourse– Case Study

    Three of GGR’s most popular compact cranes were hired to take on a challenging staircase installation project at Chester Racecourse. A 6 tonne capacity UNIC URW-706 spider crane along with 3.5 tonne G35 and 7 tonne G70 pick and carry cranes were hired for this job fitting a metal staircase to the side of a railway bridge.

    The UNIC crane was first used to remove the large 4 tonne bridge section from its transport vehicle before the pair of pick and carry cranes carried it the 228 metre distance to the railway bridge through narrow passageways. Once at the final installation point, the UNIC URW-706 crane was able to lift this heaviest staircase section to the required 8 metre height. Soon all the sections were lifted and fixed into place so the staircase was complete.

  • John Moores University Case Study
    John Moores
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    John Moores University – Case Study

    UNIC mini spider cranes and vacuum lifters hired from GGR Group proved to be invaluable for lifting work on Liverpool John Moores University’s new £37.6 million Redmonds building.

    A pair of 0.995 tonne capacity UNIC URW-095 spider cranes were hired to work from the building’s rooftop lifting 137kg glass units using a 320kg capacity MRT4 vacuum lifter. The building façade was made up of 530 glazed units in total.

    A 2.9 tonne capacity UNIC URW-295 mini crane was also hired to lift stone cladding panels onto the building’s façade. The units were tilted into rotated into position with some help from GGR’s below-the-hook Stone Magnet

  • Liverpool To Manchester Railway Line Crossing Case Study
    Railway Line
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    Liverpool To Manchester Railway Line Crossing – Case Study

    A UNIC URW-506 mini crane was hired from GGR Group to lift a string of warning bells up next to where farmer’s land meets a railway crossing in Warrington.

    The row of bells needed to be set a certain height so when the farmer was on his way to the crossing with his farming equipment or cattle, he would know that his equipment was short enough pass underneath the overhead lines on this electrified railway line from Manchester to Liverpool.

    The UNIC URW-506 crane travelled to the lifting location on a track through the farmer’s field and didn’t sink into the soft, uneven terrain thanks to its wide footprint. The spider crane then lifted the bells to a 5 metre height so they could be strung up between two posts.