Mini Crane Hire In Birmingham

Lifting solutions specialists GGR Group have the UK’s biggest fleet of mini cranes and lifting equipment for hire in Birmingham and across the West Midlands.

Restricted access lifting machinery hired from GGR such as UNIC mini spider cranes, zero emissions pick and carry cranes, crawler cranes and vacuum lifters have been used for lifting projects in Staffordshire, Coventry, Worcestershire, Wolverhampton and Warwickshire.

With depots in Manchester and Buckinghamshire, GGR Group is able to provide lifting equipment, qualified operators for hire and a full contract lift service to customers in both the West Midlands and East Midlands, including Leicestershire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Northamptonshire and Lincolnshire.

For more information about GGR’s lifting equipment for hire, please contact our customer service team on.

0161 683 2580 or


  • URW-094 Mini Crane
  • URW-095 Mini Crane
  • URW-245 Mini Crane
  • URW-295 Mini Crane
  • URW-376 Mini Crane
  • URW-506 Mini Crane
  • URW-547 Mini Crane
  • URW-706 Mini Crane


  • One Snow Hill Case Study
    Snow Hill
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    One Snow Hill – Case Study

    A UNIC URW-376 mini crane and Kombi 7211 CeDe SO02 glass vacuum lifter were hired to install long and slim glass fins at One Snow Hill in Birmingham.

    The award-winning One Snow Hill is 57 metres tall and features a glazed curtain wall system. The 900kg capacity Kombi 7211 CeDe SO02 lifter was able to tilt and rotate the glass fins into their vertical position ready for installation.

  • Edgbaston Cricket Ground Case Study
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    Edgbaston Cricket Ground – Case Study

    GGR Group provided an Oscar 600 robot for an internal glazing job at Edgbaston cricket ground which is home to Warwickshire County Cricket Club. The 600kg capacity Oscar machine was hired to replace a pane of broken glass in one of the stadium’s conference rooms. The compact and slimline Oscar carried the 1.9 metre glass through a 2 metre high doorway then to the first floor in the building’s goods lift.

    Working from inside the building, the Oscar robot was able to quickly remove and replace the broken unit which glaziers on the outside of the window fixing the new unit into place.

  • Digbeth High Street Case Study
    High Street
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    Digbeth High Street – Case Study

    A 6 tonne capacity UNIC mini crane and lifting team from GGR Group were hired to install a LED display screen onto the side of a building on Digbeth High Street, Birmingham.

    The UNIC URW-706 mini crane first removed the old signage before starting to fit the new high definition digital advertising board. The crane began by lifting four cross bars into position then fixed three new 250kg panel sections onto it, working to a 15 metre lifting height. This larger UNIC mini crane was compact enough to operate within a limited working area on this busy high street.

  • The Cube Case Study
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    The Cube – Case Study

    GGR Group provided a Libro 500 overhang beam to help complete Birmingham’s iconic landmark, The Cube.

    GGR Group was challenged to install 500kg glass at a reverse tilt angle and 70 metre height. The Libro was modified with a linear actuator, allowing the angle to be controlled and adjusted to any angle. Designed by architect Ken Shuttleworth, as an ‘enchanting jewellery box’, The Cube hovers above a glazed base with a metallic framework glistening with metallic hues to reflect the city’s jewellery heritage.

    The building houses apartments, state-of-the-art offices, exclusive shops, bars, a boutique hotel and a panoramic roof-top restaurant.

  • Private Home Case Study
    Private Home
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    Wolverhampton Private Home – Case Study

    GGR’s lifting team was hired to help safely install a large curved glass window to the second floor of this private home in Wolverhampton.

    A 0.995 tonne capacity UNIC URW-095 mini spider crane and a 400 kg capacity DSL2 curved glass vacuum lifter were combined to lift this 3.2m x 2.8m expensive glass unit. As the DSL2 has flexible suction cups which can swivel to mould themselves the surface of the load being lifted, this 288kg glass panel could be picked up from its stillage and rotated into position ready for installation.

    he UNIC mini crane was also fitted with a searcher hook so the feature window could be installed underneath the roof’s soffit.

  • Astley Castle Case Study
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    Astley Castle – Case Study

    GGR’s UNIC mini crane was hired to work on a Landmark Trust project in Nuneaton, North Warwickshire to help restore the grade II listed Astley Castle.

    Originally a manor house built in the 13th Century, Astley Castle stood as ruins before being renovated into holiday accommodation which received the 2013 RIBA Stirling Prize. GGR’s UNIC URW-506 spider crane was hired to install 150kg coping stones onto the building’s rooftop.

    Another UNIC mini crane was also used for a lifting project on the Astley Castle’s Arbury estate. A UNIC URW-706 was hired to replace an 8.5 metre tall wooden power line pole at Arbury Hall. Working at a 12 metre radius, the UNIC mini crane removed the old 200kg pole from behind the barn, and then lifted the new pole over the rooftop and into place.