Vacuum lifters are hired for a safe and reliable way to lift large, heavy loads made from a range of materials such as glass, stone, cladding, composite panels, metal and ceramics.

We have over 15 types of stone vacuum lifters and clamps available to hire, helping to handle heavy loads with ease.

Hire rates start from £200; contact our friendly hire team to find the right stone lifter for you.

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Stone Lifter Hire


Beta Levator

Capacity: 100kg
Weight: 12.6kg
Battery: 12v
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Capacity: 150kg
Feature: Self contained one man
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Capacity: 160kg
Weight: 13kg
Battery: 12v
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Capacity: 100-300kg
Footprint: 300 x 500mm
Battery: 12v
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Rotating Stone Magnet

Capacity: 270kg
Tilt: 90
Rotation: 360
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Capacity: 500kg
Tilt: 90 Hydraulic Tilt
Feature: Adjustable Pads
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Small Aluminium Gantry

Capacity: 500kg
Screw Clamp: Handles
loads of 60-170mm
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Mobile Aluminium Gantry

Capacity: 1000kg
Beam Length: 4m
Adjustable Legs: 2.4-3.2m
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Capacity: 90 -1000kg
Battery: 12v

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Kappa Levator

Capacity: 1200kg
Weight: 150kg
Feature: Constant Running
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